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'Victims gradually lose their ability to make independent decisions and exercise informed consent.'
- Dr Margaret Singer


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ICSA Annual Conference (June 29 — July 1, 2017 ) - Bordeaux, France
Theme: Cultic Dynamics and Radicalization
Call For Papers:

ICSA Annual International Conference
Theme: Cultic Dynamics and Radicalization
Bordeaux, France
June 29 – July 1, 2017
Preconference Events, June 28, 2017

The International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) is conducting its 2017 Annual International Conference jointly with Info-Secte/Info-Cult of Montreal and Société Française de Recherche et d’Analyse de l’Emprise Mentale (SFRAEM).

A reception at City Hall on Friday June 30th, and social event on Sunday, July 2nd are being planned (details to come later). Bordeaux was selected as "European Best Destination 2015."

Details on agenda, speakers, abstracts, hotels, and other matters:

Register online:

The conference has more than 125 speakers. Among the many sessions, some of which will be simultaneously translated, are:

  • Opening plenary talk by Alain Juppé, Mayor of Bordeaux and former Prime Minister of France
  • Preconference workshops for mental health professionals, families, former group members, educators, and researchers
  • Open discussions for former members and SGAs (people born or raised in cultic groups)
  • Panel - Radicalization and Disengagement: From the Search for Utopia to Disillusionment and Disengagement (Tony McAleer; Adrian Oertli; Robert Orell)
  • Robes of Silk Feet of Clay: An Autobiographical Account of a Love Affair with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Beatles’ Guru (Judith Bourque)
  • Islamist Dimensions of Cultic Control: Voices from the Field (Chelsea Brass; Leanne Smith)
  • Panel - Moral Injury, Trauma and Recovery: Common Re-entry Issues and Treatment for Veterans and Survivors of High-Demand Groups (Helen Land; Vincent Starnino; Doni Whitsett)
  • Jehovah’s Witness’s Ban on Blood Transfusions: History, Present Situation, and Perspectives of Doctors and Former Members (Joni Valkila)
  • Panel - Canadian Extremisms in Comparative Perspective (Martin Geoffrey; Susan Palmer; Lorne Dawson)
  • Supporting Parents and Relatives of People Joining Cults (Hakan Jarva)
  • Panel – Simultaneous Translation. L’Exit Counseling : Pratiques et expériences croisées I / Exit Counselling : Sharing practices and experiences I (Joseph Kelly; Patrick Ryan; Daniel Picotin;)
  • Why is the Patty Hearst Story from 1974 Still Relevant for Today’s World? (Lorna Goldberg; Cathrine Moestue)
  • SO…What Does Help Former Cult Members Recover? A Report on Empirical Research (Gillie Jenkinson)
  • A Psychological Autopsy of a Malignant Narcissist in Church Leadership (Charles Zeiders)
  • Clergy Maleficence, Religious Fanaticism, Abuse of Power (Paula Parish-Foley)
  • Panel - Inside the Therapeutic Space (Ashley Allen; Doni Whitsett)
  • Prevent and Channel in the UK – Challenges and Opportunities for the UK Government’s De-Radicalization Program (Rod Dubrow-Marshall)
  • Mental Disorders Among Cult Leaders (Stephen Kent)
  • How a Court Recognized “Mind Control: Persuading the Court About the Reality of Cultic Dynamics – A Japanese Experience (Takashi Yamaguchi)
  • What Do They Do About It? Reactions by Minority Religions to Internal Abuses (Eileen Barker)
  • Recovery of a Community Following the Collapse of a Cult (Nigel Denning; Linda Tilgner)
  • Panel - Legal and Professional Harassment of those Exposing or Confronting Cultic Groups (Jill Mytton; Gina Catena; et al.)
  • Parent to Parent: Keeping Your Teen Safe (Robin Boyle)
  • Prevention Before Recruitment: Where do we Begin? (Alexandra Stein)
  • Panel - A Model for an International Member-Run Family Help Group (Donna Kerbel et al.)
  • Panel – Simultaneous Translation. Lieux d'accueil thérapeutiques et prise en charge spécialisée pour les victimes de dérives sectaires / Specialized care for the victims of cultic abuse (Gillie Jenkinson; Lorna Goldberg; William Goldberg)
  • Panel - Comprendre la radicalisation pour la prévenir / Preventing Radicalization by Understanding It (CAPRI)
  • From Deprogramming to De-radicalization: How Cultic Studies can Inform Policy Approaches to Countering Violent and Harmful Extremism in Australia (Stephen Mutch)
  • Government Regulation of Religious Extremist Groups: The Swinging Pendulum (Linda Demaine)
  • The Concept of Hell as a Mechanism of Control and Manipulation (Beverly Shellrude Thompson)

Register online:

Details on agenda, speakers, abstracts, hotels, and other matters:




Past CIFS Events:

CIFS Workshop 2015
Ex-member Recovery Workshop
This workshop, facilitated by professional clinical presenters, was attended by ex-members who were led through a program of recovery discussion and activities following the 'Colorado Model'.

CIFS QLD Conference 2012
Professional Education Seminar
'The Trauma of
Psychological Manipulation'

Key presenter Prof. Doni Whitsett Clinical Professor, University of Southern California School of Social Work.
Queensland State Parliament House, Brisbane

CIFS Conference 2011
Public Discussion Forum
'Cults in Australia:
Facing the Realities'

Key presenter M.Georges Fenech
President of MIVILUDES, France Wednesday 2nd Nov 2011
Parliament House Canberra
Conference Report and Video
Address Texts:
| Flinn | Sackville | Fenech | Mutch |
| Aron | Bachelard | Schofield | McAlpin |

CIFS April Seminar 2011
Professional Education Seminar
'What helps ex-cult members recover'
Key presenter Gillie Jenkinson MA
Hope Valley Counselling, UK
Presentation Summary

CIFS QLD Conference 2010
Professional Education Seminar
'Coercive Persuasion
and Mind Control'

Key presenter Prof. Doni Whitsett Clinical Professor, University of Southern California School of Social Work.
Queensland State Parliament House, Brisbane
Summary of Sessions





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